Educator Mini

Educator Mini-Grant 



CCYAC recognizes that students come from diverse backgrounds, have different learning styles and can benefit from creative learning opportunities.  The CCYAC would like to provide educators with a funding opportunity to develop and implement instructional projects to motivate and challenge students to learn.

Proposals should be unique classroom projects that enliven and enrich the curriculum. Projects are encouraged to be interdisciplinary, active-learning lessons, and reinforce learning through simulation or application to real-life situations.

Funding Level

Up to $250 per educator


All Clare County kindergarten through grade 12 educators from public schools and non-public schools are eligible to apply. While more than one grant may be submitted, only one grant will be awarded per educator per academic year. Note that all projects must be completed in the current academic year.

Evaluation Process

The Clare County Youth Action Council will review requests September, November, January, February and May.   Requests are due by the 1st of each month. Council members will not know the identity of the teacher or the school.

Evaluation Criteria

Impact: Potential to improve student achievement; potential for continuation and/or replication; potential to enhance instructional skills

Innovation: Creativity of project; innovative approach; academic objective within curriculum context

Planning: Clear plan for project implementation; teacher ability; cost effectiveness and realistic budget

Existing Resources: Funding will not supplant existing funding, so the extent to which project cannot be achieved with existing school budget

Excluded Projects

Mini-grant applications will not be considered for facility renovation, religious activities or teachings, equipment that is not an integral part of the project, non-academic projects, or trips out of the county.

Required Reporting

Funds will be sent to schools for educators use, with a detailed letter specifying the project and deadline of expenditures.  Unused funds must be returned to the Clare County Community Foundation at the end of the school year for which the grant was awarded.

Submission Form