The Clare County Community Foundation (CCCF) promotes and enables philanthropic giving to enrich and improve the lives of people in our county.

The Foundation is concerned about the community as a whole. We fund a wide variety of community programs, such as arts and culture, civic improvement, education, environment, health, human services, recreation and youth.

The Foundation is managed by a volunteer Board of Trustees, a part-time Executive Director, and the support staff from the Midland Area Community Foundation.

Questions? Contact CCCF Executive Director Jim Allen at 989.513.6790 or jimallencccf@gmail.com.

Mission: To strengthen our community by providing leadership, fostering collaboration on local needs and issues, and encouraging a legacy of giving through grants, scholarships, and events.

VisionTo be the catalyst and recognized leader for community philanthropy.

The Clare County Community Foundation (CCCF) is an affiliate of the Midland Area Community Foundation. It functions just like any other community foundation, but is using the Midland Area Community Foundation staff, 501(c)(3) status, and back office services (investments, accounting functions, etc.) for its operations. Because the needs of Clare County are unique, and the CCCF was established to serve the residents of Clare County, it has its own grant guidelines, its own strategic plan, its own board to provide direction, and a set of funds which have been established specifically to serve Clare County. The Midland Area Community Foundation is proud to serve Clare County through the CCCF and is happy to answer questions you may have.